Monday, June 18, 2012

Another school year is gone...

I can't believe how quickly this year passed. It felt long at times with all the activities to do with three children. It was a good year, the big boys grew in their learning, sports, piano, art and Spanish. Lachlan is now in 5th grade, Cohen's in 2nd and McKenon is in PreK. I'm excited to have some downtime with them this summer. We have lots of plans and we are all hoping that the weather makes a turn for the better here very soon.

August 31, 2011

Mack's first day of Preschool:
September 14th, 2011

Mack's last day of school:
June 7th, 2012

Last day of school
June 15, 2012


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Memories

Our boys

The boys and I at Shallow Bay on Sucia Island

Mom, Dad and kids

Drew and the boys took a plane ride on his 36th birthday with our neighbor on Orcas

Lachlan taking sailing lessons

Summer really just started weather-wise but the boys will be back in school next week. I'm excited for them because they are excited but honestly I'm going to miss the little buggers. We've seriously had a wonderful summer even though the weather was less than perfect.

We spend about 4 weeks (not consecutive) out on Orcas. Lachlan took sailing lessons twice, which he LOVED. While Lachlan was sailing Cohen and Mack and I hiked. I cannot believe how well Mack does. He's hiking about 4-6 miles now. It's so fun to do this with them! When Lachlan was done with sailing we would play on the beach all afternoon or swim in the neighbors pool. I just love being with my kids...what a blast. We also spent many days at the beach, taking bike rides and having beach days at home. We also spent a day with my highschool friend Trina and her kids at Lake Cavanaugh. We also camped in our trailer at our annual church convention which was the highlight of our summer! I'm sad to see the summer end but excited for a new school year.

Yesterday we spent a couple hours in the boys' classes. They will be at the same school this year and that will make things easier for me. The boys loved seeing their teachers and some of their friends. Mack will start preschool a couple afternoons a week too. He's excited about that!

Drew is working like a mad man as usual. Running two businesses is keeping him on his toes. We are now doing marine work at Countryside and we were able to get an Evinrude/Johnson boat service dealership! We were thrilled about that. Things are going well on the work front but we could be busier (in terms of business)...come on econemy!

All for now...I will write more in 3-6 months or maybe before!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Home is a wonderful place to be but I will miss Maui. We had such an absolute wonderful trip! Two beautiful weeks spent with my family can make a girl feel very spoiled! The weather was good and we spent a day in Kipahulu where my childhood girlfriend now lives. Wow...what an experience. They live simply and it is quite motivating to thing about slowing down and enjoying each moment.

These last months have held big changes for us so it was so good to have time away. In February we started our own business. Countryside Service, LLC started doing business on March 1st. The middle of March we purchased Blue Ribbon Steel Buildings. We have been very busy. Drew is so excited to be overseeing these two businesses. Blue Ribbon literally fell in our laps, and I'm sure people will wonder why we bought a business like this in this econemy but they have stayed steady these last 4 years and have had a profit each year. It's a business with a good reputation and name and has been in the valley for over 30 years. So, if you need a residential pole us :). Countryside Service is what Drew has been doing for the last 10 years so when my father offered to lease us the shop we couldn't pass it up. Everything was in place, so we created an LLC, got a license, bought some supplies and are good to go! So cross your fingers that these changes will be good ones for us. We did A LOT of long and hard thinking about all this, lots of sleepless nights and we are hopeful!

So we are rested from vacation and ready to roll!

I had tons of pictures I just loved but here are some of my favorites!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow...and lots of it!

They said we might get snow but I did not believe them and I told the boys not to get excited. But yesterday we woke up to about 5 inches! School was closed and the boys and I were out in it by 8 a.m. The snow kept coming last night at 10 p.m. we had about 20" and it had stopped snowing! No school today and the boys have been out many times today playing on the wall of snow Drew build for them with the tractor. However, I am sick with the flu today so no fun for me-boohoo- especially when I was hoping to be playing right along with them. Oh well, the view is beautiful from here.

The table outside yesterday morning

The boys sledding

The table and view this morning!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

9 and 3

Lachlan is 9 as of yesterday and McKenon is 3! I can hardly believe it and time seems to be flying. Yesterday I told Lach that in 9 years he will be applying for college ready to leave the nest. He started crying and said "Mom, I will never leave you"! Oh how on some days I wish that were true, but we all know in 9 short years if we have prepared him right he will be ready and so will I (maybe). He's such a wonderful child and I cannot imagine my kids setting off on their own. Makes me want loads more kids-I will miss these special times with them. I love them to bits.

Mack spent his birthday morning in the ER after jumping off the ladder of the bunk beds last night. His foot is fine and he told me this morning "Mommy, I will never jump off that again I promise" but I just bet he will. It's actually rather amusing to see a 3 year-old crawling everywhere he wants to go. Boys are active and he is no exception. Oh, by the way the foot is fine just a bad sprain. Mack is potty trained as of about a month ago! He's so ready to start swimming lessons in two weeks! That is what really pushed him to finally train-he's so tired of watching his brothers swim! He keeps telling everyone "I'm potty trained and I get to go to swimming lessons".

Winter break has been hard because the kids were sick the entire time. They seem to be better and we are headed to Orcas for a few days! So excited and it looks like the weather will be cold but beautiful!

Wishing you all a very wonderful 2011!

McKenon is 3
Lachlan and all his buddies went to Planet Jupiter
Lachlan and Keegan his good friends since 1st grade

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to school

Both Lachlan and Cohen are in school now. They are so so happy to be there! Cohen is thrilled to be in kindergarten, and Lach is happy to be back with his friends and meeting new ones! Mack is enjoying a little time with just me but asks several times every morning where "Lach and Yo" are and when are we picking them up? We've enjoyed doing quite a bit of swinging and reading while the've been at school.

Next week I will start working in the classrooms. Cohen in the mornings and Lachlan in the afternoon once each week. I am really looking forward to this time. Mack will be spending one day a week with my Mom or sister which he always LOVES! In some ways it's nice to get back to schedules but I am already missing summer lazy days!

I think summer is over here. The weather has been rainy and very cool. Everyone seems excited for fall and winter but not me...give me summer over those two seasons any day!

Here are some pictures from the first days of school.
My big 3rd grader!
Lachlan's 3rd grade class
Ready for school!
At his desk...Mack wants to go to kindergarten too
Cohen lined up with his class

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomorrow is September already!

School starts tomorrow. I was a little in denial until last nights school potluck and that got me excited about the year ahead. Lachlan's school program Visions is going to be doing some really fun things so it's something to look forward too. Cohen starts kindergarten in 1 week. He is so so excited! I'm looking forward to working in the kids' class one day a week.

We had a fantastic summer. The weather wasn't perfect but we ended up spending a ton of time at Orcas and 4 days at the river, a day at the waterslides, a day hiking and a couple days at the beach (other than Orcas). The boys had a blast, and I had so much fun spending time with them. We ended the summer at our annual church conventions which were unspeakably perfect. We actually took our trailer this year and camped up there which really made it special. Cohen cried and cried when it was time to leave. So many things were shared that made my "to do" list very long, but I am hoping for a great year until next convention!

In addition to tomorrow being the first day of school, tomorrow is also September. Cohen turns 6 at the end of the month! I think he will also loose his first tooth this month. A lot of firsts for him! I am hoping for a beautiful September before fall. I always love the vivid colors that start happening in September.

We have a new DOG! She's an 11-month old labradoodle and just a dolly. Georgia has been with us for just a few days but I can tell she's going to be a great part of our family! She LOVES the boys and they adore her. I found Lachlan and Mack in her kennel with her early this morning :). I also am training her to run with me and she's so smart and doing really well on the leach. We also got a couple kitties about 5 weeks ago. They are sweet and love the kids. We are hoping they will be very good mousers!

Here are some recent pictures: The boys at the beach
Our kitties Lucy and Sully

Hike up to Lake Ann

Madeline, Hannah, Lachlan, Landon & Cohen at waterfall on the hike to Lake Ann

Miss Georgia Rain and her boys :)